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Dec 2014

The 2014 Payments Market: The Wrap Up

Growth prospects for the payments industry in 2014 were clearly brighter compared to the past several years as the economy continued to heal, consumer confidence rebounded and the regulatory and political environment settled down. The brightened growth prospects appeared to drive a shift in the mindset of payment players. No longer were payment players taking a traditional wait and see approach in 2014, their mindset evolved into a take action and make change approach.

As mobile solutions garnered attention, EMV awareness heightened, security breaches hit headlines and consumer engagement models evolved, traditional and non-traditional payment players across the spectrum implemented and piloted new technologies and collaborated with each other in order to move forward and provide solutions for the industry's most pressing needs. With that said, the payments industry continued to witness a rapidly changing landscape in 2014, one which shaped the strategies and roadmaps of the players.

Nov 2014

New ETA/TSG Research Estimates 2014 4Q Electronic Spending Will Increase 4.0% Over 2013 to $890B

One occasion of note is on the payments horizon: the holiday shopping season. To meet it head-on, ETA is offering projections on holiday spending trends and has released important educational resources for merchants to navigate the evolving payments landscape. Payments consultancy firm The Strawhecker Group estimates that 2014 fourth quarter electronic spending will increase 4.0% over 2013 to $887 billion.

Nov 2014

TSG COMMENTARY: Worldpay Enters Agreement To Acquire SecureNet; Further Boosts Omni-Channel Processing Strength

Guest Columnist Jared Drieling

This week, Worldpay, a global payments technology company based in London, announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Austin-based SecureNet, a market leader in multi-channel commerce technology. The acquisition price was undisclosed. The transaction is expected to close in December 2014, pending regulatory approval. SecureNet serves more than 17,000 merchants, with processing volumes exceeding $19 billion annually and is principally owned by Chicago-based Sterling Partners. SecureNet's merchant count and dollar volumes likely include clients served via card processing, ACH, and its virtual terminal services and products.

Meanwhile, Worldpay is expected to process a total of nearly 10 billion transactions with a value of nearly half a trillion dollars in 2014. Worldpay is owned by private equity firms Advent International and Bain Capital. The acquisition of SecureNet by Worldpay was executed in order to leverage the company's merchant cloud-based solutions which integrate point-of-sale (POS), mobile and eCommerce payment processing into Worldpay's direct acquirer ecosystem, providing a distribution advantage. SecureNet's multi-channel inventory management system will also enable Worldpay to offer the ability to provide actionable, SKU-level data insights to clients to help them grow their business.

Oct 2014

Special Edition ETA/TSG Economic Indicators Report

The report, produced by ETA and The Strawhecker Group, examines the top five topics impacting the industry this year including: data breaches, PayPal's split from eBay, Apple Pay, the competition between Amazon and Square, and EMV. The report then discusses payments indicators currently affecting the industry. One such indicator, the TSG Payments Index (TSGPX), compares payments companies to the S&P 500 and finds that a $100 investment in the TSGPX in Q1 2007 would now be valued at $286, as compared to $138 if invested in the S&P 500. Other indicators to follow include a look at the balance between merchant attrition and growth, and a review of 90 payments acquisitions from 2000 - 2014.

Sep 2014

TSG Commentary on the Apple Pay Announcement

Jul 2014

The Attrition Challenge

Kurt Strawhecker, Managing Partner of The Strawhecker Group, presented at the 12th annual MidWest Acquirers Association Conference on the topic of Merchant Attrition & Retention.

May 2014

TSG's Thoughts & Analysis on Priority Payments Merger with Cynergy Data

The announced merger of Priority Payment Systems and Cynergy Data will create the 21st largest (est.) U.S. acquirer with more than 125,000 merchants and $20 billion in annual card volume. The merger propels the new Priority into a select group of the largest super-ISOs which include TransFirst, EVO Payments International, iPayment, North American Bancard, CardConnect and First American Payment Systems.

May 2014

TSG ANALYSIS - Vantiv's Acquisition of Mercury Payment Systems

With the announcement of the planned acquisition of Mercury, Vantiv continues its aggressive acquisition strategy to increase penetration into the SMB market; this includes Litle & Co., National Processing Company (NPC), Element Payment Services, and now Mercury Payment Systems.

May 2014

Trends of Payments Industry Google Search Terms

This FREE report shows how certain payments industry companies and terms are trending on Google web searches.

Categories of research include: mobile card processing, bitcoin, mobile wallets, card brands, public/non-public merchant acquirers, public payments tech companies, retailers, and trending payments topics.


Apr 2014

ETA & TSG Release Q1 2014 U.S. Economic Indicators Report with Special TRANSACT 14 Introduction

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the trade association of the global electronic payments industry, and The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a management consulting company focused on the global payments industry, have released the U.S. Economic Indicators Report for the first quarter of 2014.

Be sure and check out the special introduction: What is Average? A look at market rates around the U.S.