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Are you looking for a source of U.S. consumer spending data? Do you want a timely picture of how the economy is doing and how your business is performing compared to peers in your industry or region?

TSG understands consumer spend trends and the macro-economic landscape. TSG’s Consumer Spend Division (CSD) has a wealth of unique data that can provide extraordinary insight into consumer spending patterns at major merchant categories through our spend database that spans over 3 million U.S. merchants and $600+ billion of total annualized spending through 8+ billion annual transactions.

With a combination of reports and customized datasets, TSG’s Consumer Spend Division can help guide forecasting, validate models and identify sales growth areas.

  • Unique and Accurate Consumer Spending Data - Actual consumer spend data not self-reported or survey data. TSG’s consumer spend database has an approximate 98% correlation with the U.S. Department of Commerce Retail and Food Services sales indicator.
  • Deeper Insights via Customized Multi-Dimensional Data Cuts - Make better informed decisions and improve your business performance by having an accurate picture of how a specific retail or merchant category is performing in terms of spending growth and sales foot-traffic sliced by geography, tier size and payment type. Support business intelligence efforts with data extracts tailored to your needs. Consumer spending data can be delivered in flexible, customizable formats and aggregated data extractions to satisfy specialized needs.
  • U.S. Small and Medium Business Retail Spending Report - Quarterly consumer spend report on the U.S. SMB retail sector that tracks spending volume, foot-traffic and average ticket growth on a year-over-year basis. Report provides timely analysis of the U.S. SMB retail market to subscribers to help with business planning decisions.

To learn more about TSG’s Consumer Spend database, contact Jared Drieling, at