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TSG has seen growing interest in aggregation since the payment brands led by MasterCard and Visa have liberalized their rules. However, the marketplace remains confused about requirements and uncertain about potential opportunities. Is liberalization meant to encourage new acceptance development or merely to level the playing field with players such as PayPal, Square and Amazon? How will the brands encourage innovation and new development in this space?

Some players tend to view becoming a Payment Facilitator as an opportunity to shave costs from operations. Others view it as an opportunity to enter new, underpenetrated markets at a lower cost.

TSG can help you determine if merchant aggregation is right for you, and help you develop, refine, and implement your strategy.

Contract Renegotiation / RFP Process

Long before a contract expires is the right time to “shop the market”. Going out for a competitive bid through a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) is the optimum process to bring the best economic results and a preferred partner. The externally facilitated proposal process always ensures cost savings are achieved. Having an external entity facilitate and evaluate the process means leveraging TSG’s knowledge, industry, relationships, expertise, and negotiation power that may not be available inside your organization. Furthermore, new ideas and relationship structures are presented that may provide unique solutions to business objectives during the proposal process. Click here to read TSG’s Case Study – Driving Value Through Competitive Bidding.

Payments Management Consulting

Sales & Pricing Strategies

If you’re processing more than a million transactions per month and you have an opportunity to save a penny per transaction, would you take advantage of it? Of course you would. Then why not take advantage of the superior sales and pricing strategy services The Strawhecker Group offers.  Make those pennies-per-transaction savings seriously impact your bottom line. Ensure maximum revenue.

Risk Management Services & Compliance Review

The talented consulting specialists from The Strawhecker Group are very active in the industry and are considered experts in their respective fields. Whether it’s helping acquirers focus on the actual causes of loss, reviewing company policies and procedures to insure protection from unnecessary risk and fraud, or creating streamlines to reduce costs as well as losses, our team will deliver superior service to you.  Also, TSG has become one of a very select few of approved vendors for Global Acquirer Risk (GARS) reviews. As an approved vendor, TSG possesses the experience and qualifications necessary to perform thorough reviews of acquiring operations.

Portfolio Re-Pricing

In today’s highly competitive market, acquirers and ISOs alike are so busy bringing in new revenue that sometimes they forget the basics. When was the last time you reviewed your existing pricing agreements? Is your portfolio under/overpriced with the market? The Strawhecker Group reviewed a merchant portfolio with almost 7,000 merchants, and using its unique benchmarking capability, identified 688 merchants that were underpriced. Utilize data regarding your portfolio, determine weak points, and adjust accordingly. Click here to read TSG’s case study and learn how the Merchant Pricing Advisory Team can help. Benchmark your portfolio today and capture new revenue!

Global Expansion

Whether you are a U.S. company looking to expand, or a non-U.S. company looking to enter the U.S. market, The Strawhecker Group is uniquely qualified to help you make a positive first step towards expansion. TSG has the knowledge, the experience, and the relationships necessary to achieve global expansion.

Litigation & Expert Witness

Through our Litigation & Expert Witness Services, we provide coherent, succinct opinions based on the topic at hand. Our expertise in a myriad of industry-centric arenas coupled with years of involvement in every aspect of the merchant acquiring business affords our clients unparalleled proficiency in responding effectively to legal issues.

POS Hardware/Software Integration

Through our POS Hardware/Software Integration services, we can provide you with detailed information on the top integrators in specific verticals as well as comprehensive comparisons of the leading POS systems in the market today.

Merchant Advisory

TSG’s Merchant Advisory team has extensive experience working with large merchants in all markets and vertical segments. TSG provides clients with focused strategies to support their growth and expansion in the wake of ever-changing payment acceptance standards, Card Brand requirements, and new technologies. With years of experience, TSG knows how to take a complicated situation and turn it into a practical solution.

TSG areas of focus include security assessments, processing efficiencies reviews, and POS systems reviews. Click here to learn more about TSG’s Merchant Advisory Services.

“The importance of protecting your consumer-facing brand is imperative to minimize reputational risk. The recent fallout from nationally recognized merchants has hurt brands financially, decreased customer satisfaction, and caused management shakeups. TSG can help prepare merchants to avoid these situations,” says Jamie Savant, Co-Founder and Partner of TSG.

Merchant Attrition & Retention

The Payments industry continues to face increasingly competitive pressures, price wars, and non-traditional market entrants. These variables, coupled with card acceptance reaching a high-level of saturation in the U.S., have put pressure on merchant acquirers’ ability to achieve volume, growth, and margin targets. This encompasses the attrition challenge face today’s acquiring marketing, and it demands better retention strategies to lower attrition rates. Knowing why a merchant attrited, and where they go is half the battle. Over the past four years, attrition has become worse. Furthermore, 40% of those that did attrit left due to better pricing elsewhere.

Researching attrited merchants is one way The Strawhecker Group can help by reviewing and confirming the proportion of merchants that have gone out of business and what proportion have moved their processing elsewhere and reasoning for the switch. TSG will also complete a portfolio pricing analysis of the current merchant portfolio gross and net revenue of the SME merchant portfolio and compare it to TSG’s proprietary database host to 2M merchants. Finally, TSG will review current retention best practices by offering insight and profit enhancement opportunities, while comparing your portfolios KPIs to industry benchmarks.