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Whether buying or selling, seeking investment funding, or planning your company’s exit strategy, TSG’s experience can be critical to achieving success. TSG has completed over 200 payments company valuations and has advised on 27 successful acquisitions and investment transactions over the last decade. TSG has provided transaction support to firms that have ranged in scale from $3 million to over $3 billion in transaction assessed value. Learn more.

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Buy-side Advisory

Due-Diligence of the acquired property

Due-Diligence support on a variety of key decision criteria can affect the value of the property. TSG assists buyers by acting as their advisor on either side of the asset transaction. We evaluate the financial strength and growth potential, as well as review unique software and business components, such as third party contracts. We conduct in-depth assessments of each industry segment the buyer represents so all parties have a clear understanding of the operation. We confirm revenue to cash positions as well as sales performance evaluation, portfolio risk management assessment, and identification of potential data security issues.

Valuation Services to test Buyer’s purchase price.

TSG provides buyers with a valuation of the assets being purchased, including the portfolio, sales engine and technology.

Sell-side Advisory

Valuation Services to set accurate seller expectations.

Go to Market preparation and execution of sales process management.

  • Our transaction advisory provides complete marketing and sales advisory services for your company.
  • The key factor in a successful asset transaction is understanding the value of the enterprise. Value is the “amount a buyer is willing to pay.” TSG performs an extensive evaluation of value drivers to make sure you understand your company so it can best be described to a potential buyer.

Funding Events

TSG provides investors and financial institutions with the documented Valuation information needed to support funding events.

We evaluate the financial strength as well as review business and unique software components such as third party contracts. We confirm revenue to cash positions, perform portfolio risk management assessments and identify potential data security issues.

Strategic Decision Process

When and if you sell your enterprise, TSG can provide effective exit strategies to take your business to a higher level by implementing a new structure or providing management emphasis to ultimately maximize the price of the entity.

Typically, a buyer is looking to expand a niche or vertical they are interested in or add a technology component. Competition is substantive in these areas and we can assist by evaluating market niches on behalf of buyers and provide valuable details about that particular vertical.

DISCLAIMER: TSG is a business broker and is not in the business of effecting transactions in securities for the account of others. We are not registered as a broker-dealer under federal or state securities laws. Accordingly, TSG does not provide services in connection with any strategic acquisition or other transaction that involves, or may involve, the purchase or sale of securities, including capital stock.