February 13, 2015TSG Press

50 States of Grey: A Ranking of the Most Romantic U.S. States

Today, The Strawhecker Group (TSG) has released new data, utilizing their database of 2.3 million merchants, to answer the question – What are the most (or least) romantic states in the United States?

Every year, during the second week of February, most Americans rush out and open up their wallets to spend hard-earned money on flowers and jewelry for the ones they love on Valentine’s Day. However, not all Americans are equally enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day. So, where are the most romantic people (or least romantic) on Valentine’s Day?

The top five most romantic states are North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana. Conversely, the top five least romantic states are Oregon, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Nevada, and Utah.

TSG was able to compare last year’s February consumer spending growth versus January of the same year, utilizing its merchant spending database. Spending growth was calculated using a combination of several categories: jewelry stores, florist shops, women’s clothing stores, and women’s accessory stores.

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TSG – 50 States of Grey 2 13 2015

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