September 1, 2017Blog Posts

A Merchant Focus Tops Tech Savvy in Integrated POS Systems Sales, A New Report Says

Digital Transactions:

Marketers of integrated, cloud-based point-of-sale systems take note. It’s not enough to have full-featured service replete with multiple functions. It also takes a sales approach that is responsive and knowledgeable. That may sound like common-sense idea, but it’s one that has been vetted by The Strawhecker Group in its “The Land of Integrated, Cloud Based ‘POS’ Systems” report, released Wednesday. The Strawhecker Group found that, of the 30 companies it evaluated in a mystery-shopper test, only a handful met the dual criteria of offering highly capable and flexible systems with a knowledgeable sales process that responded to merchant needs. Among the top five were Toast Inc., First Data Corp.’s Clover, Upserve Inc.’s Breadcrumb, Square Inc., and SalesVu LLC.


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