About TSG

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is a fast-growing analytics and consulting firm focused on the electronic payments industry. The company serves the global payments ecosystem, from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies. The firm provides its clients with advisory services, research and analytics to help them plan and execute their strategic initiatives. Based in Omaha, a recognized payments industry hub, TSG is an established leader in this high-growth, ever-evolving space.

TSG's Milestones

  • June 2006 / TSG Founded

    Kurt Strawhecker/Jamie Savant founded The Strawhecker Group (TSG)

  • June 2009 / Significant Transaction

    TSG closed its first significant transaction advisory offering in Pace Partners acquisition of Century Bankcard

  • April 2010 / TSG Award

    TSG awarded the Electronic Transactions Association’s Business Partner of the Year

  • July 2011 / AIM Launch

    TSG launched first industry-wide performance platform called Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM)

  • April 2012 / NewsFilter Milestones

    TSG published 300th edition of NewsFilter, reaching over 25K subscribers

  • July 2014 / Global Expansion

    TSG expanded its global reach to companies based in five continents

  • Sept. 2015 / Expanding Reach

    TSG has now provided services to nine of the top 10 merchant acquirers in the U.S.

  • Nov. 2016 / GEM Platform Launch

    TSG launched industry-first Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform, allowing gateways to benchmark their uptime, transaction time, and decline rates

  • May 2017 / Buy/Sell Activity

    TSG Advises Card Payment Services (CPS) in its Acquisition by Cayan

  • Oct. 2017 / Payments Analytics Month

    TSG marks October as ‘Payments Analytics Month’

  • March 2018 / NewsFilter Milestones

    TSG published 600th edition of NewsFilter, reaching over 45K subscribers

  • April 2018 / TSG Analytics Growth

    Payments Companies Realize $500+ in Additional Revenue per Merchant Annually by Utilizing TSG Analytics

TSG Team

We are proven industry leaders with extensive experience assisting companies with explosive growth periods, buying and selling, technology-driven strategies, and data-driven decision making.

Kurt Strawhecker

Managing Partner & Board Chairman

Kurt is primarily focused on client engagement, TSG team development and positively expanding the industry through “data-driven decision making”

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Jamie Savant

Partner & Co-Founder

Jamie has been in payments since the ‘80s and has been a payments Savant (pardon the pun) ever since – he was one of the first to identify and sell new business through what was then called “cybermalls” (now ecommerce).

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Mike Strawhecker

President & Partner

Mike runs TSG’s day to day operations and has affinity for his self-proclaimed coined adage “the data is the data”

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Amera Becirovic

Project Manager

As a young professional, Amera focuses on providing support on all active projects and potential client projects

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Ashley Blue

Director of Operations

By combining her positive attitude, and knowledge of company processes, Ashley works to find efficiencies for the TSG team, and its clients, to reach their goals

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Alexandra Bruening, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra is an experienced finance professional managing all aspects of finance, operations, human resources, and legal

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Marissa Charles

Marketing Analyst

Marissa has developed a passion for marketing from building brand awareness to developing infographics

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Bill Clark

Senior Associate

Bill has over 30 years’ experience in the payments industry and specializes in payment facilitation, integrated software verticals, issuing, and mobile

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Eugene DeSilva

Senior Associate

Eugene brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the global payment industry.  He spent 10 years at Mastercard as SVP for Commercial Payments.

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Jared Drieling

Senior Director of Consulting & Market Intelligence

Jared has significant expertise in synthesizing and communicating actionable insights and intelligence to clients having spent most of his career in market intelligence payments roles

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Rich Eyberg

Senior Associate

Rich is a payments consultant specializing in merchant acquiring businesses, prepaid, and acquiring activities in the specialized oil and convenience store verticals.

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Alex Ferguson

Market Research Analyst

Alex leverages knowledge from his business background, in combination with research habits from his history background, to assist the market intelligence team with deep dives into the realm of payments.

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Chuck Fillinger

Senior Associate

Chuck has proven results working with merchants within all vertical retail and internet markets, vendor’s, gateway providers and acquirers, providing enhanced payment processing solutions on a national and global scale.

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Trevor Forbes

Director of Collaboration

From market studies to content strategy, Trevor is active throughout TSG’s business lines

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Sanjay Garapati

Enterprise Data Warehouse Director

Sanjay has over 20 years of IT experience architecting and designing customized mission critical solutions and data warehouses for several large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies.

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Cliff Gray

Senior Associate

Cliff is a leading authority on large-scale, high-performance payment system design, including network infrastructure, platform and software architecture, system security, and industry compliance.

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Susan Horne

Senior Associate

Susan assists banks, ISOs, processors and any other entity in the acquiring business with specific solutions to issues related to the payments industry.

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Josh Istas

AIM Director

Josh and the TSG AIM Database are one in the same: Industry-leading, logical, with endless possibilities

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John Jakobe

Market Research Analyst

John focuses heavily on keeping the pulse of the payments industry and has personally contributed to numerous TSG research projects

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John Kirkpatrick

Senior Associate

John brings more than 29 years of leadership experience developing and implementing complex global business strategies for companies of all sizes using his extensive knowledge of technology valuations, gateways, and back-ends.

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Karl MacGregor

Affiliate Associate

Karl MacGregor has over 20 years’ experience in the online payments industry, specializing in eCommerce strategy, product management and business development.

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Peter Michaud

Director of Consulting

Peter manages consulting projects, and provides subject material expertise in B2B payments, buy/sell consulting, ISV integrations, strategic planning, and more

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Alecia Muth

Director of Market Intelligence

Alecia leads TSG’s full-service market intelligence team to support and guide clients through a variety of global research engagements

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Al Novacek

GEM Director

Al has over 20 years of experience in the merchant processing, credit card, and IT fields.

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Andrew Nuss

Director of Marketing

Andrew’s passion is spreading the gospel of TSG to the masses – plus he gets paid to do it. His groundbreaking subliminal marketing tactics have led to drastic increases in sales (click here, buy now).

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Chris Sanchez

Junior Data Scientist

Chris is proficient in Python, SQL, data visualization, analytics, predictive modeling, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing and experimental design. Chris is a self-described “Jack of all trades”.

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Bob Schmitz

Senior Associate

For the past three decades, Bob has provided his financial and project management services for M&A and Business Development groups within the Payments Industry.

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Rachel Shatil

Administrative Assistant

Over the last decade, Rachel has worked in both nonprofit and for-profit environments and brings with her a wide range of administrative and office management experience

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Jody Siedelmann

Staff Accountant

Jody has over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world in a variety of industries.

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Raymond Sobczyk

Senior Associate

Ray has prepared value assessments, supported due diligence efforts, and advised buyers, sellers, and investors on over thirty potential transactions in the merchant acquiring and processing industry.

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Matt Sobczyk


Matt’s quiet demeanor brings tranquility to sometimes noisy data inputs

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Zach Spellman

Market Research Analyst

Zach uses his business education, coupled with previous experience conducting market research, to help support the TSG Metrics team

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Steve Vickers

Director of Revenue and Growth

Steve is the “Mad Scientist” of the TSG Lab, working on bringing new products and features to an already impressive solution-set.

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Mark Waring

Senior Associate

Mark Waring has over 30 years’ experience in the payments industry working in Silicon Valley and across six different continents

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