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Adyen brings unified commerce to Japan with the launch of in-person payments


Adyen (AMS: ADYEN), the global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses, announces the launch of its unified commerce solution in Japan. Unified commerce gives businesses end-to-end control of transactions across different sales channels on Adyen’s single platform, enabling innovative and new customer journeys such as click-and-collect, endless aisle, and cross-channel returns.

As Japan moves away from cash and with more businesses expanding their sales channels, there is a tremendous growth opportunity for businesses that have an integrated overview of all transactions. In a survey of businesses earlier this year, Adyen found there is a 24% increase in growth among Japan businesses that connect payment systems across their business compared to those that don’t. However, only 16% of Japanese businesses said that their payments system is connected to other parts of the organization, such as operations, supply chain management or inventory management.

“This isn’t simply about digitization or going cashless. It’s about being fast, flexible, and building for growth. Very few platforms in Japan can centrally merge payments data from stores and e-commerce sites, and none that can do it on a global scale. This means our merchants in Japan will be able to tap into the same Adyen tools our biggest global merchants are using to optimize authorization rates, block fraud, and provide seamless cross-channel journeys.” said Roelant Prins, Chief Commercial Officer at Adyen. “We’re excited to bring this innovation to Japan and we look forward to working with merchants in launching new experiences for their customers.”