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EVO Announces Acquisition of Pago Fácil Gateway in Chile

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EVO Payments, Inc., a leading global provider of payment technology integrations and acquiring solutions, today announced entry into an agreement to acquire Pago Fácil, a leading eCommerce payment gateway in Chile, in partnership with its joint venture with Bci, Bci Pagos (the “JV”). The acquisition delivers approximately 3,000 merchants to the JV and expands its in-market integrated payment solutions and technology capabilities which will enhance EVO’s acquiring services and attract new customers.

Founded in 2018 by Cristian Tala Sanchez, Pago Fácil offers an array of digital payment solutions, including acquiring services, eCommerce software integrations, and value-added solutions. EVO will also leverage Pago Facil’s gateway capabilities to enhance its business in Mexico as well as other markets across Latin America EVO enters in the future.

“We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Pago Fácil following the recent operational approval of our joint venture in Chile” stated James G. Kelly, EVO’s CEO. “Pago Fácil will enhance our position in the market by providing us additional gateway customers to target for acquiring services and integrations to eCommerce referral partners to augment the JV’s bank referral channel. Cristian and his team will bring significant eCommerce expertise across product, technology, sales and support. eCommerce has experienced enormous growth globally during the pandemic, and we expect an enduring change in consumer spending habits. We are excited to leverage Pago Fácil in Chile and across Latin America as we look to expand our footprint in the region.”


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