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Gateway Experience Monitoring (GEM)

Your Performance. Now.

How does your payment gateway stack up against the competition? GEM is the only platform that benchmarks experiences from the merchant, developer, and gateway performance perspective.

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GEM subscribers use information daily to monitor and improve performance versus the market and ensure they are winning:

  • Champion vs. Challenger: Following an acquisition, or during the building phase of a new gateway, companies leverage GEM to benchmark performance against one another to determine a go-forward strategy
  • Maintaining SLAs: Gateways utilize GEM as a credible third-party to prove performance and ensure SLAs are met
  • Avoiding Downtime: TSG helps gateways quickly mitigate platform performance issues related to regular maintenance timeframes or upgrades
  • Management Perspective: GEM is an unbiased set of eyes on your platform ensuring optimal performance is the top priority

Gateway Experience Monitoring (GEM)

The GEM platform helps management and technical staff use information daily to monitor and improve performance versus the market. With an estimated 62% of all U.S. payment gateway volume tracked with GEM, and transaction activity monitored across the globe, the platform makes it easy to spot issues and adjust for success.

  • GEM is an extension of your in-house technical staff, thinking about your gateway every day to find ways to improve and win
  • Third-party reporting is an important way for management to gain real-time insights and understand areas of improvement when benchmarked against other market leaders
  • If the gateway platform is active, whether it is being actively developed or not, it should be benchmarked and analyzed so you know about problems before your customers do
  • In a competitive space like payments, active development is key to keeping up with other market leaders. Make sure you understand where you are coming from, where you are headed, and where you landed after platform enhancements.

Learn what makes TSG unique in its approach

Gateway Experience Monitoring (GEM)

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Benchmarking and Monitoring for Gateways

With the surge in eCommerce spending, the role of payment gateways is as crucial as ever. GEM helps gateways improve their platforms and integrations to ensure merchants and consumers do not experience issues.

API Set and Developer Roadmap Assessment

TSG evaluates and delivers a detailed assessment of API set, Dev Tools, sandbox, and certification by actually conducting an integration into the gateway, along with evaluating documentation.

Real Transactions Metrics

TSG sends real transactions from multiple locations and pings 24/7/365 from over twenty different global locations. TSG reviews data daily to uncover and report on issues. Detailed reports are delivered weekly, monthly, and semi-annually, as well as add-on text messaging services.

eCommerce Merchant Experience

TSG completes an anonymous process of opening new merchant accounts to obtain the ability to accept cards online. This assessment, powered by the firm’s Market Intelligence product TruShop, measures and benchmarks the experience from the merchant’s point of view and is compared against the industry’s top providers.


TSG’s robust assessment of our gateways provided great feedback which we used in our efforts to continuously improve and enhance our API. Using this as a guide has helped us make critical enhancements.

Nicole Jass SVP of Product, Growth Solutions, FIS

Since joining GEM we have worked closely with TSG to make tangible adjustments. The GEM team has helped us better understand and improve our platforms and integrations.

Chief Product Officer, Elavon

TSG’s GEM platform has proven to be extremely valuable in benchmarking our offerings from both a merchant and developer perspective.

Senior Software Engineer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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