March 30, 2016Blog Posts

Inside the $5 Billion Company That Will Launch Your Business


Dale Nirvani Pfeifer wants to save the world. A Kiwi academic with an infectious laugh, she spent years and flew thousands of miles searching for a philanthropic project she could believe in, moving from research in her native New Zealand to nonprofit work in New York City to a startup incubator in Washington, D.C.

There, Pfeifer toiled nonstop on her idea for a business, a company that would help charities turn concerned tweets and Facebook posts into real donations to the likes of Oxfam, Save the Children, and Greenpeace. She had the inspiration, the hustle, and the willingness to put in endless hours. What she didn’t have, when things really got rolling in 2014, was the technology to make her startup viable.

“We started out working with a company that was literally writing checks and sending them to charities,” recalls Pfeifer, the founder and CEO of GoodWorld. There had to be a better way, she knew, which is how she came across a startup called Stripe.


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