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Market Intelligence

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TSG’s full-service market intelligence team can provide the support you need through extensive primary and secondary research, unmatched in the payments industry.

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Client Success

Our Market Intelligence team strives to provide clients with an on-call team that can provide the strategic support needed to guide decision-making, increase profits, and accelerate growth across the globe.

  • Analysts regularly speak to and are quoted in national media such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today, The New York Times, CNBC, Wired, and more
  • The team has completed 400+ analyses on the global payments landscape in the last few years, uncovering hundreds of thousands of data points
  • 50,000+ professionals across the payments industry utilize TSG eReports
  • The team has investigated and provided intelligence on thousands of software providers across dozens of vertical markets, including geographies such as Poland, Japan, and Australia

Market Intelligence Services

TSG’s comprehensive suite of solutions are backed by a unique approach of combining payments industry expertise and deep analytics to take clients from start to finish and beyond.


TSG offers several avenues that allow clients to overlay insights onto marketing efforts for promotion, lead generation, brand building and other customer and prospect-facing initiatives to drive growth and new revenue.

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Through the powerful combination of TSG’s qualitative and quantitative survey capabilities, PaymentsPulse delivers actionable insights in an easy-to-digest format, so clients can make impactful decisions based on trusted data.

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Vertical Strategy

TSG has the perfect combination of tools to help your company plan and execute an effective ISV strategy by uncovering the best verticals, finding ISVs in that vertical, and using data to succeed in that market.

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CLIMATE provides timely analysis of aggregated U.S. consumer spending, mobility, and behavioral trends down to the census tract level, across several verticals, including retail, restaurant, tourism, and more.


On-Demand Intelligence

On-Demand hours provide flexibility and speed, allowing clients to engage TSG without the delay of a formal proposal and payment process.

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eReports Subscription

Tap into TSG’s thought leadership with an eReports subscription, which provides direct insight into the payments industry, existing and new players, products, services, global insights, and emerging trends.

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Payments University

TSG’s education services are perfect for new employee onboarding, and those who need to know more about the payments industry.

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Learn what makes TSG unique in its approach.

Market Intelligence Services

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TSG’s eReports Subscription provides timely, credible insights for our team. We always look forward to the next release.

Ivy Boehm VP, Market Intelligence, Merchant Services, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

TSG’s expertise provided new insights and education around the merchant acquiring space, while the benchmarks conducted highlighted data sets that no amount of advice would have uncovered.

Angela Lim former Senior Director, Visa Worldwide

TSG’s webinar presentation was fantastic. The content was excellent and the execution was amazing!

Stacey Maude former VP Commercial Product Management North American Financial Institutions, Elavon

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