April 21, 2017Blog Posts

Plastc goes belly up after swiping $9M from backers

The Next Web:

Plastc, the card we all wanted in our wallet, is going out of business. The reprogrammable card featured an e-ink display, and stored data from up to 20 other credit cards in an attempt to simplify our cluttered wallets. It was sleek, stylish, and highly-sought after, attracting more than $9 million in pre-orders since launching in 2014. And now it’s gone. According to a blog post today, Plastc is closing its doors after two failed funding rounds. Early this year, Plastc sought to raise additional capital to kickstart its launch and fulfill preorders. Its first option, a $3.5 million Series A round, fell through. The company then snagged a $6.75 million offer, only for the investor to back out at the last minute, according to a company spokesman.


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