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In an industry where credible, dynamic data has become top-of-mind, TSG’s proprietary platforms, AIM and GEM, have become go-to tools for clients. With a 97% retention rate, our clients are clearly finding value in the performance metrics provided.

  • Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM)

    In 2007, zero of the top 40 U.S. merchant acquiring companies were using dynamic market data. Now, nearly half of the top 40 acquirers are using it to benchmark and manage their business.

    These industry leaders are using TSG’s AIM platform, which stands for Acquiring Industry Metrics – The Big Data Solution for the Modern Acquirer. AIM contains over seven years of data on over 3.6 million card accepting merchants.  This includes price, profitability, attrition, and growth metrics on over 40% of the U.S. market. AIM subscribers receive access to metrics via a Web Portal and downloadable executive reports

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Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM)

TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) is an industry-first, independent, performance platform utilized by leading payment gateways. It measures a transaction’s performance in real time through multiple touchpoints in the payments value chain and allows a true “apples to apples” comparison. This provides the industry’s only true analytic tool to compare gateway results from a “merchant perspective”.

Payment gateways that account for an estimated two-thirds of eCommerce spend in the U.S. now subscribe to GEM.

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    Ad-Hoc Research

    TSG has the capability to research and prepare any statistics, trends, articles, legal cases, or reports needed by clients. Examples of recent studies TSG has completed include: M&A activity reports, integrated software vendor (ISV) research, ACH providers overview, gateway competitive analyses, industry vertical growth reports, and much more. Select Learn More below to download TSG’s Vertical Strategy Playbook.

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TSG’s TruShop is a unique ‘mystery shopping’ service that is capable of evaluating and testing businesses and business partners such as merchant acquirers, ISOs, gateways, POS providers, and shopping carts from the eyes of the merchant.

Through the process, TSG evaluates and analyzes the capabilities, services, responsiveness and overall perceptions of various sales channels, as well as individual products and services. Learn what your customers experience during the sales process and adapt your salesforce to cater to their needs and preferences.

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TSG eReports Subscription

To offest the cost of multiple purchases, TSG offers an eReport subscription service which includes access to all eReports published during the subscription period at a discount.

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Quick access to vital data and expert insights, without the red tape of procurement, is crucial for a company to get ahead of competition and fine-tune strategies. Get what you need before its too late.

Subscription Includes:

  • 60 research hours
  • Access to TSG data
  • Expert Insights

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