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Directory of U.S. POS Providers



This Directory aggregates over 2,000 data points from nearly 200 point of sale providers and developers to provide a convenient, sortable reference guide.

Additionally, the Directory touches on several market dynamics such as Cloud vs. On-Premise, the consolidation of payments and POS, and top POS priorities according to vendors

Details for each POS provider (as available) include the following:

Verticals Served

Primary Targeted Market

Market Share / Company Size Indicators

Payment Processing Affiliations (Self Reported by Each POS Platform)

Other Notable Partnerships

Overview Notes

Hosting Model

Note: Data points are listed as available.The list focuses on the restaurant, retail, and personal services industries, but also includes players that offer services to other ancillary sectors. This Directory is U.S. focused, though there are several listed providers/systems that operate in various countries worldwide. 

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