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Fintech & Emerging Trends

Emerging Payments, Millennials and the Omni-Channel Payments Environment



This 75-page report is a guide to understanding how the shopper’s multi-channel journey is crafting the evolution of the retail and payments environment.

The first section of the report is a briefing on current payments trends and emerging payments trends including a look at the share of retail spending by mCommerce and eCommerce payment methods. This section of the report also takes an interesting look at the Millennial generation to understand how this group of consumers has played a critical role in leading shifts in payment technology through their consumer technology adoption and usage habits and how this group has transformed the customer shopping journey.

The second half of the report takes a deeper look into the omni-channel payments environment and identifies the implications of this new environment for payment players, especially merchant acquirers, and how payment providers can take advantage of the current omni-channel payments landscape.

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