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The Crypto Divide


Cryptocurrency usage is increasing worldwide, and recent consumers surveys show that most U.S. adults are now at least somewhat familiar with the term. Despite growing consumer enthusiasm, aside from exploration in the crypto industry by larger enterprise-level merchants, little information is available showing the perspective of small businesses and their sentiment regarding cryptocurrency acceptance.

To take a closer look, TSG conducted a survey of nearly 600 small business owners in mid-2021 with the goal of understanding merchant attitudes and perspectives on the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method. In addition to the detailed survey results this report also covers popular crypto-processor profiles, an overview of trends in merchant crypto acceptance, a case study of El Salvador’s new Bitcoin Law, a special feature of an up-and-coming acquisition in the crypto space, and a transcript of an expert interview on the topic of merchant’s crypto adoption.

Highlights of this extensive 79-page eReport include:

The Basics of Cryptocurrency

The Status of Crypto-Acceptance by Merchants

Opportunity and Controversy

El Salvador: A Case Study of Bitcoin as Legal Tender

Special Feature: NCR & LibertyX Acquisition

Key Players in the Crypto Space

Expert Feature: Interview with AlphaBTC

Crypto Acceptance Merchant Survey (demographics, results, crypto-accepting SMBs, non-crypto accepting SMBs + thematic analysis)

The Future of Merchant Crypto Acceptance

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