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Fintech & Emerging Trends

The State of Global Investments and Funding in FinTech and Payment Startups



The financial technology (FinTech) and payments sector is currently seeing a boom in investment along with strong mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity. Much of this activity involves emerging payments companies that are developing innovative and potentially disruptive products as new technology and changing customer behaviors transform financial services and how consumers make payments.

This 102-page study will provide an in-depth look at the payments financing landscape as well as the investors and companies fueling the payments startup ecosystem.

In this report, The Strawhecker Group (TSG) also identified the top 157 funded private payments companies and maps them back to 12 payments categories where they operate. The 157 payments startups address general payments needs as well as a range of payments market niches, including digital currency payments, mobile payments, and specialized consumer-focused payment markets like child support. The report also provides a directory on payments investments, acquisitions and IPOs in 2015.

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