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EMV In The U.S. – The Whole Story



This 86-page eReport is a guide to help understand what EMV is, who is impacted by the EMV migration and how the shift to EMV will impact the payments environment.

The first section of the report defines EMV and identifies stakeholders who have or will be impacted by the EMV migration, provides an overview of worldwide EMV deployment, identifies the drivers of EMV in the U.S., explains the fraud liability shifts associated with EMV and discusses the costs that accompany the EMV transition.

The second half of the report takes a deeper look into the fraud problem in the U.S. and provides analysis on EMV’s impact on the card-not-present environment (i.e online channel). The latter half of the report also provides guidance on how to address the overall fraud problem in the U.S. through various fraud management tools from both a merchant and processor perspective. In closing, the report points out how EMV is much more than a fraud prevention tool, and showcases how EMV could lay down a new foundation for the U.S. payment ecosystem.

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