eReports subscription

To offset the cost of multiple purchases, TSG offers an eReport subscription service which includes access to all eReports published during the subscription period at a discount. Learn more


TSG eReport Subscription


Tap into The Strawhecker Group’s (TSG) thought leadership with an eReports subscription, which provides direct insight into TSG’s view and analysis of the payments industry, existing and new players, products, services, international insights, and emerging trends. Learn more.

An eReport subscription is key for any company that touches the industry:

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS: The majority of eReports published by TSG’s Market Intelligence team are exclusive to subscribers.

HIGH SUBSCRIBER RETENTION: With a rate of over 95%, TSG’s eReports subscription provides unparalleled value year after year

COST EFFECTIVE: TSG’s subscription offsets the cost of purchasing multiple one-off reports to provide access to everything you need, when you need it

Card networks, merchant acquirers, payment gateways, payment processors, technology providers and private equity firms (to name a few) have all found company-wide value in TSG’s subscription.

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Note: This eReport subscription does not include an allocation of 60 ‘On-Demand’ hours. Learn more about that subscription here.