Analytical Platforms

In an industry where credible, dynamic data has become top-of-mind, TSG’s proprietary platforms, AIM and GEM, have become go-to tools for clients. With a 97% retention rate, our clients are clearly finding value in the performance metrics provided.

  • Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM)

    Your Analytics. Now.

    AIM™ (Acquiring Industry Metrics) is the most trusted, timely and largest platform for merchant acquiring data. Populated with nearly 50% of the credit card-accepting businesses in the US, the proprietary platform provides simple dashboards for executives as well as big data output for analysts.

    Initially launched in 2011 and now used by seven of the top 10 US merchant acquirers, TSG’s one-of-a-kind AIM product provides consistent and dynamic pricing, profitability, and growth metrics to the payments ecosystem.

    Most companies have data. AIM was created because what most don’t have is the ability to access data and compare it to peer benchmarks easily and accurately, particularly in the payments market. AIM and its user interface AIMVision™ offers this ability in frictionless way. Because of this, AIM provides tangible and measurable ROIs outweighing the cost of the subscription hundreds of times over.

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    AIM Includes:

    • Unicorn Platform™
      • TSG’s proprietary platform that powers AIM is built to store and provide access to a wide variety of transaction, demographic and consolidated payments data
      • It has the flexibility, scalability, and security to receive data inputs from multiple data sources and file types, allowing for combined harmonized data sets that will provide new insights in an aggregated and anonymous way
    • AIMvision
      • Performance metrics from nearly 4 million card accepting merchants delivered via a seamless user interface (AIMvisionTM) as well as through client-selected APIs
      • Customizable dashboards with reports viewable from various dimensions including Industry, Region, Size of Merchant, and Vintage
      • A key tool for payments industry companies to optimize back-book/front-book pricing, vertical strategies, and manage attrition at the executive and analyst level
    • Meet Sam
      • Sam is a Chief Revenue Officer at a Payments Company. Watch the video to learn about AIMvision from her perspective.

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Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM)

Your Performance. Now.

GEM is the only tool in the market that benchmarks from the merchant, developer, and gateway performance perspective. Current subscribers account for an estimated 66% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S.

  • eCommerce Merchant Experience & Account Boarding Assessment
    • TSG completes an actual (anonymous) process of opening a new merchant account to obtain the ability to accept cards online
    • Helps understand the varying degrees of difficulty that startup, SMB eCommerce merchants face when attempting to begin processing online payments
    • TSG rates providers across seven different categories: website, shopping cart, application, underwriting, integration, cost and time to launch
  • Best of Breed API / Developer Tools Assessment
    • From a developer’s perspective, TSG reviews the documentation and functionality of leading Payment Gateway APIs.
    • TSG analyzes and scores 13 items to benchmark gateway APIs against one another
    • TSG conducts an actual integration with GEM subscribers to re-evaluate and deliver a detailed assessment of API set, Dev Tools, sandbox and emulators
  • Real Transaction Metrics
    • TSG sends real transactions from two locations and pings 24/7/365 from over twenty different U.S. and international locations
    • All metrics are calculated by utilizing real cards to complete real transactions, just as a consumer would experience at a merchant. Not simulated.
    • Shows the merchant’s experience with the gateway, which is not always the same as internal monitoring would show

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“Since joining GEM we have worked closely with TSG to make tangible adjustments. The GEM team has helped us better understand and improve our platforms and integrations by bringing forward a customer vantage point. Their expertise has been critical during this time.” – Elavon