Market Intelligence Services

Your Research. Now.

Most forward-thinking organizations leverage market and competitive intelligence to support a wide range of strategic decisions. The Strawhecker Group’s full-service market intelligence team can provide the support you need through extensive primary and secondary research, unmatched in the payments industry.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Custom Research

The payments industry is in a state of flux with changes in consumer and merchant trends, tactics, products and players. Most forward-thinking company’s leverage custom research to achieve goals and support decision-making.

Examples of recently completed research include:

  • M&A activity reports
  • Integrated software vendor (ISV) research
  • Emerging payments provider overview
  • Gateway competitive analyses
  • Industry vertical growth reports
  • Cloud based POS product assessments
  • TruShop

TruShop is TSG’s answer to mystery shopping engagements. TruShop allows you to see your business and your partners through the eyes of the merchant. The service provides an unprecedented look at how merchants view you and your competitors businesses.

  • Evaluation and Testing
    • TSG is capable of evaluating and testing several types of businesses and business partners
  • Merchant Perspective
    • TSG can test various sales channels and initiate sales processes from the perspective of various merchants
  • Insights
    • TSG can evaluate the capabilities, services, responsiveness and overall perceptions through the eyes of a merchant
  • On-Demand Intelligence

Quick access to vital data and expert insights, without the red tape of procurement, is crucial for a company to get ahead of competition and fine-tune strategies. Get what you need before it’s too late.

Subscription Includes:

  • Research Hours
  • Access to TSG data
  • Expert Insights

Example Usage:

  • Webinars
  • Phone Consultation
  • Market Intelligence
  • eReport Subscription

Tap into TSG’s thought leadership with an eReports Subscription, which provides direct insight into TSG’s views and analysis of the payments industry, existing and new players, products, services, international insights, and emerging trends.

An eReports subscription is key for any company that touches the industry:

  • Exclusive Insights – The majority of eReports published by TSG’s Market Intelligence team are exclusive to subscribers
  • High Subscriber Retention – With a rate of over 95%, TSG’s eReports subscription provides unparalleled value year after year
  • Cost Effective – TSG’s subscription offsets the cost of purchasing multiple one-off reports to provide access to everything you need, when you need it

Card networks, merchant acquirers, payment gateways, payment processors, technology providers and private equity firms (to name a few) have all found company-wide value in TSG’s subscription.

“TSG’s eReport subscription provides timely, credible insights for our team. We always look forward to the next release!” – Ivy Boehm, VP, Market Insights, Merchant Services JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Market Insights

  • Vertical Strategy Playbook
  • PaymentsPulse
  • Payments University
  • BrandInfluence
  • Vertical Strategy Playbook

Go to market strategies are changing – TSG has the tools to help your company plan and execute an effective strategy. TSG’s ISV database encompasses 1,500+ software providers across multiple vertical markets. TSG’s specialized research ability can curate custom ISV target lists.

Identify the Vertical, Target the Right ISVs

  • TSG leverages its big data solution, Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM), to identify top performing verticals, based on criteria that is important to the client
  • TSG combines its robust ISV database and custom research ability to provide a target list of ISVs that serve merchants in the chosen vertical

“I’m a believer in TSG’s vertical strategy process…I’ve seen it work” – Vice President at a Top 5 Merchant Acquirer

  • PaymentsPulse

A successful survey requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. TSG offers a wide range of professional survey services, from scripting to custom analysis. We can help you get the most insights from your survey projects.

The Market Intelligence team is experienced in

  • Quantitative and Qualitative methods
  • Multiple data-collection modes
  • Statistical techniques
  • Report creation with a keen understanding of the client’s goals
  • Payments University

TSG’s in-house team of payments industry experts, researchers and content developers can create insight-rich, aesthetically professional webinars, infographics, and whitepapers to help with your company education and knowledge efforts.

Efficient and Comprehensive

  • TSG can conduct on-site workshops covering payments industry fundamentals and emerging trends
  • Designed for employees of companies for which the efficient structure and handling of payments is mission-critical
  • Perfect for new employees as well as those who need to know more about the payments industry

TSG has educated the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) to help it guide its 500+ member companies

  • BrandInfluence

TSG’s trusted brand can support your marketing and sales activities. TSG is a respected leader in providing research, analysis and actionable business insights for the payments industry. Major publications frequently cite our findings when they report on trends in payments.

  • Webinars – Our flexible, full-service webinars match independent, industry-specific research with your products and services—pairing education with marketing efforts
  • Whitepapers – Leverage TSG’s reputation as an independent third-party research and advisory firm to validate your product, service or technology offering. Co-branded whitepapers can increase response rates in lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns, and contribute to a more robust web presence.
  • Report and Content Licensing – Licensing allows you the right to distribute TSG reports (or parts of a report) to customers, prospects and media for promotion of your brand.

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