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Christina Otto 1

Christina Otto

Administrative Assistant

Christina Otto, TSG’s Administrative Assistant, has over five years of administrative experience and three years of account managing and sales experience. At TSG, Christina leverages skills from her previous role as a Project Coordinator at the Refugee Empowerment Center and her role as a Junior Account Manager at Stark Carpet.

At the Refugee Empowerment Center, Christina handled 150+ cases in the employment department database to determine their current and future needs and connect them with community resources. At Stark Carpet Corp, she balanced dozens of duties, including writing order proposals, communicating with clients, updating orders with vendors and the order database, monitoring transportation of products worldwide, and scheduled installation and delivery with workrooms and clients. Her personal sales were more than a quarter of a million annually.

Christina is currently studying for her CAPM (Certified Associates in Project Management) to continue learning how to best support projects moving forward. In her free time, she volunteers with several nonprofits in the Omaha area, including Omaha Postpartum Support, Omaha Better Birth Project, La Leche League, Nebraska Babywearing Alliance, and Project Intentional. She also enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi, and going swing dancing at Omaha Jitterbugs downtown.