Cliff Gray

Senior Associate

Cliff Gray is an expert in electronic payment systems, transaction processing, and the acquiring space. He is a leading authority on large-scale, high-performance payment system design, including network infrastructure, platform and software architecture, system security, and industry compliance. Throughout his 20-year career, Gray has spearheaded the evolution of third-party integration methods, particularly the introduction of internet transport into the electronic payment space. He has long been a proponent of modernizing integration, and most recently is focused on payment data security.

Beginning in 1990 at Envoy Corporation, Gray was instrumental in establishing their new Integrated Point of Sale unit, working directly with leading providers such as Micros, Fujitsu, NCR, and IBM, ultimately establishing Envoy as the leader in integrated offerings. In the mid-to-late-nineties, Gray was instrumental in proving new eCommerce gateway technologies and infrastructures, working with groups such as Netscape, CyberSource, and VeriSign to ensure the growth of eCommerce processing from its infancy through to the sophisticated systems that exist today.