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John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick

Senior Associate

John Kirkpatrick brings more than 29 years of leadership experience developing and implementing complex global business strategies for companies of all sizes using his extensive knowledge of technology valuations, gateways, and back-ends. Before joining TSG, Kirkpatrick was the Chief Information officer for six years at TransFirst where he oversaw the company’s information and technology, including payment gateways and all aspects of transaction processing such as security, financials, data center operations, software engineering, quality assurance and complex data analytics.

Throughout his career in information technology, he has held multiple executive roles and had numerous global responsibilities, including IT M&A, software engineering, business intelligence, corporate governance, data center operations, e-commerce and product development.

Executive Interview with JK

In this interview, TSG’s Market Intelligence team sat down with TSG’s Senior Associate John Kirkpatrick (JK) to learn more about him and his thoughts around recent changes and trends in the payments landscape as well as what the future may bring.