Trevor Culbertson

Research Analyst

Trevor Culbertson, Research Analyst, supports TSG and its clients through compelling market and industry research. Trevor is focused on monitoring the activities of the payments industry including market offerings, market trends, pricing, marketing strategies, and vertical analyses to support client engagements.

Trevor graduated from the National University of Ireland with a master’s degree in Global Environmental Economics. His areas of expertise include econometric analysis, public policy in the eco-business and sustainability sphere, survey design, and consumer behavior. He also has a bachelor’s degree in environmental economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Prior to TSG, Trevor managed accounts for Carson + Co Global, a strategic communications and marketing consultancy for the sustainability sector. Trevor also worked as a Data Analyst for Middlebury Institute of International Studies, developing a climate resilience plan for tourism and wildlife conservation in the Monterey Bay, CA area.

In his free time, Trevor enjoys hiking, film photography, and rooting for his favorite soccer team Tottenham Hotspur.