Trevor Forbes

Director of Metrics

From market studies to content strategy, Trevor is active throughout TSG’s business lines. You will often find him writing copy for TSG products and proposals, coordinating extensive market research, developing new content offerings, designing documents, and interfacing with clients.

Trevor has contributed to over 100 client engagements, which range from merchant-facing infographics and webinar content to SWOT analysis and market share estimates on the payments space.

Trevor also helps guide TSG’s eReport business line, an educational resource that is leveraged by stakeholders across the industry, including Fortune 500 companies and other ecosystem leaders.

Prior to working at TSG, Trevor had internships within the marketing departments at TD Ameritrade and point-of-sale software provider, QuikServe Solutions. Trevor graduated cum laude from the University of Nebraska Omaha, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Trevor has assisted the Electronic Transactions Association on multiple educational initiatives and is a member of its TRANSACT Program Planning Committee. Trevor resides in Omaha with his wife Samantha. Outside of TSG, Trevor enjoys board games and occasionally playing a game of pool.

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