December 17, 2014TSG Press

The 2014 Payments Market: The Wrap Up

Growth prospects for the payments industry in 2014 were clearly brighter compared to the past several years as the economy continued to heal, consumer confidence rebounded and the regulatory and political environment settled down. The brightened growth prospects appeared to drive a shift in the mindset of payment players. No longer were payment players taking a traditional wait and see approach in 2014, their mindset evolved into a take action and make change approach.

As mobile solutions garnered attention, EMV awareness heightened, security breaches hit headlines and consumer engagement models evolved, traditional and non-traditional payment players across the spectrum implemented and piloted new technologies and collaborated with each other in order to move forward and provide solutions for the industry’s most pressing needs. With that said, the payments industry continued to witness a rapidly changing landscape in 2014, one which shaped the strategies and roadmaps of the players.

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