March 21, 2017Blog Posts

TSG Big Data: Pricing of Merchants in the U.S.

From analyzing complete payment transaction costs of 3.5M US Merchants representing $823B in sales volume we found the following insights:

  • The total average cost of payment processing for US businesses processing between $10K and $250K in annual volume is between 4.35% and 2.87% when all payment processing related fees are accounted for (e.g., chargeback fees, PCI compliance fee, premium card fees, other account fees, etc.).  And that doesn’t account for costly hardware leases and software subscriptions.
  • For US businesses processing between $10K and $250K in sales per year, additional fees such as PCI compliance, annual account fees, chargeback fees etc. are on average +28% to 60% more than the quoted “discount rate”

See the visual.

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