June 2, 2020TSG Press

TSG in Digital Transactions: Putting It All Together

One of the great lessons for merchants coming through the Covid-19 experience is that one sales channel is not enough.

It’s that combination—the ability to attract and keep merchants and enable them to sell more—that makes the integrated-payments model so attractive.

“We are not seeing a slowdown. If anything, we have seen an uptick in discussions about integrated payments,” says Jared Drieling, senior director of consulting and market intelligence at The Strawhecker Group, an Omaha, Neb.-based payments consultancy.

That’s in part because merchants need flexibility in their ability to accept payments in multiple channels. That need has been accentuated during the Covid-19 response.

“Payments providers providing these viable options through their partners clearly have a distinctive edge,” Drieling says. “We will see more and more integrated-payments partnerships.”

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