September 30, 2015TSG Press

Which Types of Retail Merchants are EMV-Ready?

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) released data today, ahead of the October 1st liability shift, that represents EMV-readiness by merchant type. Among merchants in the retail category, 69 percent of Shoe Stores and 59 percent of Department Stores have EMV-ready terminals. On the lower end of the spectrum, 23 percent of Stationary Stores and 24 percent of Book Stores have EMV-ready terminals.

“It makes sense that certain retail merchant types are more ready than others for the liability shift, as some are much more likely to potentially see fraudulent transactions,” says Mike Strawhecker, Principal at TSG. “While many retailers have not yet upgraded their terminals, big-box merchants such as Walmart and Target are ready for October 1st.”

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In conjunction with this release, TSG has published a chart looking at 30 retail merchant types and their respective EMV-readiness: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/fdd15cca0b92ae5a85c1daf76/files/Why_Types_….


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