June 6, 2015TSG Press

Why Bundling Additional Solutions With Payment Processing Makes Sense

At the Retail IT VAR Of The Future Conference, May 12 to 13 at Bally’s, Las Vegas, Chuck Fillinger, Senior Associate with The Strawhecker Group, commented there are sizable opportunities for VARs who can provide tier 3 and 4 merchants with payment processing and payment security solutions.

In this segment of BSMtv, Fillinger tells Business Solutions magazine editor-in-chief Mike Monocello that this means more than helping them transition to EMV. “I’d put a package together for future growth that makes sense to the merchant,” Fillinger said, suggesting bundling EMV, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and tokenization with technologies such as near field communication (NFC), mobile point of sale, and beacons.

Fillinger says offering payment processing combined with other services can help build a sticky relationship. “Payment is going to be there no matter what,” he comments. Check out Chuck’s video.

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