December 22, 2017Blog Posts

YPP Spotlight – ETA Young Payments Professionals Reflect on 2017


2017 was a big year for payments trend; beyond the buzz, innovative trends like M+A, blockchain and IoT made impacts on the industry this year. For two ETA Young Payments Professional Scholars, learning, knowing and owning the trends of 2017 has been an important key to leadership in their organizations.

And for Andrew Nuss, Director of Marketing at The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a boutique payments research and consulting firm in Omaha, Nebraska, staying on top of 2017 payments trends means keeping his employer at the cutting-edge for its clients.

Through the lens of NewsFilter curator, where he digests hundreds of industry articles and sees the click-through response of his selections, Nuss says the “cryptocurrency craze has taken over this year.”

“I expected this to be a hot topic throughout the year, but the jump in values further fueled the fire,” Nuss said.

Mergers and acquisitions dominated as well, Nuss says. “Our team that attended ETA’s Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) noted the countless discussions around how [M+A] impacts the industry and how players should react,” Nuss said, “and it was clear from our discussions at SLF that a better understanding of the ISV market is a top priority for many as well. Industry players are looking to identify attractive verticals and penetrate into the software players serving those markets.”


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